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~ A Christmas Canticle ~

Preface: The stanzas of this poem are a paraphrase of Scripture. Liberty was taken in adding words and non-referenced verses to maintain poetic meter and rhyme. The scriptural references for each stanza are: (1). Isaiah 7:14; (2). Isaiah 9:6; (3). Isaiah 53: 6-7; (4-5). Colossians 1:15-18; (6-7). Hebrews 10:5-7; (8-11). Luke 1:46-55; (12-13). Luke 1:78-79.
1.     Son of a virgin will be given birth,
        Immanuel is God with us on earth.
        This will be a holy sign unto you,
        It will be He who will make all things new.

2.     The Wonderful Counselor is His name,
        As Mighty God and Prince of Peace He came.
        Holy Everlasting Father He is.
        All things are and will forever be His.

3.     Like lost and confused sheep we all do stray,
        With each of us going on his own way.
        He too was like a lamb, led to the hill,
        But going for us, alone, silent, still.

4.     The image of the God, invisible,
        He, the first born of all, now visible.
        Created all things in heaven and earth,
        Kings or powers, before His human birth.

5.     He had existed before everything,
        He holds all together, to Him we sing!
        Alpha and Omega, the church’s head,
        The church now His body, He keeps us fed.

6.     “You want no sacrifice,” was Christ’s decree,
        “You prepared a human body for me.
        “You did not want burnt offering for sin,
        “To make your people your intimate kin.”

7.     Jesus then said, “I have come, I am here!”
        The angels sang, “Rejoice and do not fear!”
        Christ declared, “It is written in the scrolls,
        “I come here, Father, to redeem your souls.”

8.     Our souls, the greatness of God they proclaim,
        He gives favor on the lonely and lame.
        We rejoice in God the Immanuel,
        All will call us blessed, from the first Noel.

9.     Great things for us the Almighty has done,
        Holy is His Name, Three Persons in One.
        Mercy on every generation,
        For all those who love His Incarnation.

10.   He has shown the mighty strength of His arm,
        He has scattered the proud to their alarm.
        He has cast down the mighty from their thrones,
        Lifting up the lowly, hearing their groans.

11.   He has filled the hungry, our thanks we say,
        And the wealthy, empty He sent away.
        He has come to help His servants, His sheep,
        His promise of mercy and loving keep.

12.    Knowledge of salvation and forgiveness,
         In love of the Christ, God’s Incarnation.
         Upon us the bright dawn on high shall break,
         On us who live in darkness, for our sake.

13.     All our wounds and sins are forever healed,
          By His Holy Spirit, forever sealed.
          And the shadows of death shall come to cease,
          He guides our feet into the way of peace!

John S. Hilkevich, Ph.D.
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Weekly Reflections © December 21, 2002

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