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~ God's Limitations or Ours? ~

Do you believe that God is all-powerful?  If the answer is yes, then you must believe that He is capable of anything.  So, why do we hesitate to believe that certain things can be from or of God? I read an incredible story once that has stuck with me, that demonstrates the power of God and how He deals in miracles, if we would only believe.

David Campbell had a television ministry and undertook a bus ministry to reach people across the United States.  He had been in prayer about whether his television ministry was reaching enough people and trying to discern what God wanted him to do in service.  While he was driving the bus on Interstate Route 70 heading east, his wife and kids were up ahead in another vehicle.  They called him on their walkie-talkies explaining they were getting hungry for supper and thought that Cincinnati would be a good place to find a Pizza Hut and would exit at the first exit that had one.  He replied he would watch for them to exit and follow. 

As he pulled into the parking lot, he decided that he really wanted to spend some time in prayer and asked his wife if it would be okay if he didn’t join them, remaining in the bus.  She said that she thought that was exactly what he needed to do.  So, they went in and he remained behind to pray. A bit later, he noticed in the rear-view mirror a Dairy Queen across the street and suddenly a milkshake sounded good.  When he came out of the restaurant, he heard a phone ringing.  Although things were pretty desolate, a phone booth was not far from him, just in front of a gas station.  And it was ringing.  He looked around and found himself alone.  The phone kept ringing.  Unsure of what to do, he finally decided to answer the phone.  When he picked up the receiver, a woman answered, “Hello, is this Mr. Campbell?”

He was flabbergasted!  How could this be?  He explained to the woman that he was on some exit of a major highway outside of Cincinnati at a public phone booth and she must have the wrong Campbell. After all, Campbell was a fairly common name. "Were you expecting a Mr. Campbell to be waiting for your call here?" David asked.

The woman asked the question again, “Is this Pastor David Campbell?”

David said, “Yes, but  . . .”

The woman interrupted, “I knew I had the right number.”

She explained that her life had taken many turns and recently she plunged into depths of depression; so deep that she had decided to take her own life.  Her television was constantly in the background, even while she was writing the note that others would eventually find.  As she attempted to express her sadness and confusion, David’s television ministry program came on.  She told David that his message that morning gave her hope.  She wasn’t sure that she wanted to follow through with the plan to take her own life anymore, and she decided to pray to God for strength and guidance as David had suggested.  She was so confused. She couldn’t go on, but yet she yearned to believe that someone could help her through this situation. 

That’s when it happened.  That evening, David’s name came into her head along with a number.  A phone number.  And that was the number that she had dialed a few moments before!

David spoke with the woman and prayed with her asking God to reach into her heart and let her feel the strength of the Holy Spirit. He promised to call her the next day from the next motel.

David’s head was reeling.  How could any of this have happened?  It was impossible.  How could anyone have known where he was?  And how could anyone know the number of the phone in the phone booth?  How could anyone have known that David would walk across the street to get a shake instead of eating pizza with his family?  And how could all of this have happened at exactly the same time?

It seems impossible, doesn’t it?  But God loves doing the seemingly impossible.  Think of David and Goliath, the parting of the Red Sea, and Moses making his way into Egyptian royalty. Scripture provides us with so many examples of God doing the impossible. And so do our ordinary lives... If we only see and believe, or better, believe and see.

We say that God can do the impossible
But do we actually believe it?   
We say that God can cure the terminally ill
But are we able to actually prove it?

We say that God is omnipresent
But can we actually perceive it?
We say that He knows the future
But can He know our choice before we make it?

We say that God can move a mountain
But isn’t something else really responsible for it?
We say that God can do miracles
But then why do we try to disprove it?

We ask for things in prayer, hoping God will grant our wish
But then we wonder if it’s just coincidence.
We say that God is Creator of all
But then there’s those theories that discount it.

We have a choice in this life on Earth
We can tout what we believe
But only rely on
Those things that we can see.

Or we can give God the glory
Of all things with good in it
And trust that He’s the One
Though we can not really see it.

I guess it all comes down
To one phrase on which to feed
Faith can do all things
Even faith as small as a mustard seed.

Anita M. Benna
Guest Contributor

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